Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wedding thingy..

Assalamualaikum..Hi guys!
its been erm..a month?i think more than a month im not update with a new post..i've been busy (busy la sgt).yeah, busy with a hectic life.tambah2 bl penyakit 'M' not an active blogger. i only blog when i feel like sharing something.well, a lot of things happen. masa berlalu sgt pantas..last update was on already november larh..cptnye!! i notice daisypath below, there's only 3 month left till my wedding day..oooemmjii. relax2...byk masa lagi. (dlm hati sbenarnye dah cuak)haha.

i dh start buat some preparations for my wedding. i list down what important jobs to settle and what things to buy.
Alhamdulillah, stelah berbulan duk piki theme wedding color ape, i search internet, asking relatives and friends, cntik ke dpt decide..yeay!!

and also good news, i already choose which bridal shop i want for my wedding.i've booked them for pelamin, khemah, katering, baju and make up.5 in 1 complete.. actually, that day x rancang pun nk pergi bridal shop. i just accompany my cousin who are getting married this 20th november.20-11-2011. nice date kan?..dl bercita2 nk kwen tarikh nh tp xkesampaian..its chance my cousin kawen dl.. :)

i choose that bridal shop sbb few of my friends ambil pelamin makeup and baju from this shop on their wedding. i tgk pelamin and baju cntik2, make up pn nice.harga pn berpatutan. and they offer complete service. my mum pn fikir kalau ambil ngn org lain kene cr katering and khemah tmpt lain lak.xnk bersusah pyh so we decide ambil ngn bridal shop nh..

baju and menu mknan untuk majlis dh pilih.cume tinggal pelamin je blum..kakak bridal shop suh tunggu dl sbb ada pelamin br smpai next year..sambil2 tu, i search internet and magazines contoh2 pelamin.there are some pelamin ideas yg berkenan di hati..

garden wedding.

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too much flower kan?


i love this most.

another garden wedding theme

simple yet exclusive.
i prefer pelamin yg simple tp nmpak exclusive and mewah..xnk byk2 bunga.we'll see next january after discuss with akak bridal shop tu. hope they will do a great job on my wedding. InsyaAllah.

things that need to settle afterwards are choosing pelamin, wedding invitation cards, buy favors, brg2 hantaran and some extra little things. i have so many ideas on my wedding cuma nk buatnye xthu menjadi ke x..hehe :p

i think thats all from now i can share with u guys. hmm..i not a kind of  'bride-to-be' blogger. if i feel like sharing something about my wedding preparation, i will share it here. (kalau semua dh thu psal wedding  nh x surprise la kan) hehe..

last but not least, there are 2 special moments on this 20-11-2011. first is my closest cousin wedding day (i will be a maid of honor this day.hee..) and...................wait for my next entry ok!! haha.

super duper excited ;) BYE!!

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